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Aim, roll, launch, win! In this intense game of strategy, luck, and skill, players use the ramps to try and launch their discs into the slots of the gameboard. The first to get three in a row wins, but look out - another player can land one of their discs on top of yours and steal your victory!

Experience the perfect trifecta of physics, luck, and fun with the thrilling, edge-of-your-seat game of FlyFecta!

- Game of using ramps to launch discs and try to land 3 in a row
- Encourages spatial reasoning, concentration, quick thinking
- Ramps can be tilted forward and back
- Players can move their ramps anywhere within their side of the gameboard
- Up to five discs can be stacked in a given space
- First to land 3 in a row (with their disc on top of each stack) wins
- Includes gameboard, 4 launchers in 4 colours, 48 discs in 4 colours
- Detailed game rules and instructions included
- High-quality materials and construction - Exceptional gameplay

2-4 players

Ages: 6+


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